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The human mind and its acts are governed by a desire to escape loneliness which is next to impossible. All of us have to deal with it and have to accept that one can never truly and fully share one's consciousness with others.

Consciousness and Loneliness: Theoria and Praxis | brill

The author has compiled his research and findings from philosophy, psychology, and literature to give us a comprehensive perspective on loneliness and its effect on the human mind. We are all afraid of being lonely and this fear drives us to feel, think, and do as we do.

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This premise has been explored from different angles and it gives us an insight into the way our mind perceives and deals with loneliness. The interdisciplinary approach used to support the findings and the author's take on loneliness held my attention and actually made me reflect on my own behavior and actions at times.

Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature

For those wanting to delve into the depths of the topic "Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature" is definitely the book to add to their collection. Great work Mr. Lzare, your effort and hard work shine through. This is in contrast to the idea that loneliness is caused by external conditions.

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It consists of pages and uses an interdisciplinary approach on philosophy, psychology and literature. The first chapter expounds on the fact that our society already uses this concept of loneliness, like when prison wardens send a misbehaving inmate to solitary confinement or punishing someone with exile. Appendix A, 'Loneliness an Interdisciplinary Approach' is a discussion of the psychology and sociology of loneliness.

Here, it is put forth that even in childhood, our fear of darkness and solitude, which is tantamount to loneliness, is already evident. For those who are not well-versed in philosophy and psychology, this book can be a difficult read. Ben Lazare Mijuskovic's insights come from his theoretical studies as well as experiences. His book is perhaps intended for students and practitioners of philosophy, psychology and literature but his contention that loneliness has been a universal theme of western thought since the Hellenic age until the present time surely caught my interest.

In a nutshell, the author is saying that man has always felt alone so that man means loneliness.

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His book is a discussion of the nature of loneliness with examples from the works of over a hundred writers in psychology, literature and philosophy. Apart from this, the author also cites a number of observations in society to support his argument. In this way, he argues that loneliness is second nature to man.

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It is a frightening concept but Ben Lazare Mijuskovic has presented it in a very convincing manner indeed. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity? Free books for your school, library or charity. Become a Reviewer Share your opinions to help authors and readers. Share this review. Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature. Non-Fiction - General. Send Message To Author. This author has not entered their information for this social networking page.

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Click here to learn more. Book Review Reviewed by Alice DiNizo for Readers' Favorite Ben Lazare Mijuskovic has done serious research on loneliness and the role it has played in literature and in psychology and philosophy throughout the ages.

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Rate this book:. Mijuskovic rewards the reader with thought-provoking moments and invites one to further reflect the critical potential and actuality of his theory in the light of the most recent theories of an embodied, embedded, enacted and extended mind. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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