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However for some papers it prints all the author names for my in text citations, like this Bell, ; Bell, McGrath, Biggerstaff, Bates, Bennett, Marlow and Shaffer, I would prefer that it read Bell et al but I'm unsure how to force it to do this when none of my other references are any different but come out fine.

You should check first if you're loading the natbib package with the option longnamesfirst. If so, be sure to delete this option. Since the agsm bibliography style is part of the harvard citation management package, you should load the package har2nat if you want to use the agsm bibliography style along with the natbib citation management package. With har2nat loaded, the behavior of the natbib -based citation commands -- including the truncation of lists of three or more authors to "FirstAuthor et al" -- should work without problems.


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In the end, disbelief in the intrinsic power of Neshamot Yisrael the souls of Israel and their ultimate destiny is ostensibly as damning as disbelief in the Creator Himself! Emptied of Eternity. The tracing trajectory leads us to Aaron HaKohen and subtleties of the mandatory Terumah offerings the Nation of Israel provides for the Kohen clerisy.

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Ultimately, our journey reaches across the strata of our history to the Patriarchal promises of Eretz Yisrael! Sourcing Resurrection. This class presents a fascinating selection of varied scriptural sources; presented as proof in response to those who questioned the veracity of The Resurrection and its sources within the montage of biblical framework.

Resurrecting Burden of Proof. This intriguing class concludes with a thoughtful rabbinic reflection. The first metaphor begins with a real-life King and his royal building projects and ends by invoking the existence of a squirrel-like rodent who literally emerges from the soil along with a rare amphibious creature who can multiply in lightning speed!

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Finally, a peek into an angry conversation between a famous sagacious hunchback who has nothing but patience for an irreverent and most insolent sectarian. The Final Resurrection Exchange. Learn about grave charges levelled against our legal claim to Israel by real descendants of an original Canaanite tribe. Defending Israel in Antiquity: Legal Sovereignt This content belongs to the Manuscript Writing Stage.

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Q: Should references be included in a plagiarism check? Answer Follow this Question.

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Write an answer About text formats. Answer: References are usually excluded from automated plagiarism checks, as they would naturally throw up a very high percent similarity in the results. Upvote this Answer 1 Comment. Answer this question. Ask a new question.