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But real life with Motley Crue was "even more debauched" than the Netflix movie, according to their former limo driver Al Bowman. In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, Al Bowman, now 60, revealed how he would be tasked with finding the 80s rockers "virgin groupies", driving them back and forth to drug dealers - and even dropping them at strange Satanic ceremonies.

He recalls doing countless "condom clean ups" in the back of his limo - and how drummer Tommy Lee would almost tip his car over with rampant sex sessions.

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Al, who has driven a host of other stars including Prince, Whitney Houston and Madonna, says all the band members would have sex with girls in the back of his limo - but he particularly remembers drummer Tommy Lee's in-car romps. He says the star was so well endowed that when he had sex with women in the back of his limo, the car "would almost tip over" when they stopped at red lights - while the girls would be "squealing with pleasure". He had to jump in the limo to escape. And Al claims while the band had no shortage of groupies - they were particularly fond of virgins - and would ask him to go find them so they could "pop their cherries".

My plan was to make it back into my penthouse suite and call hotel security to have my pursuer ejected from the hotel. The next landing had a square black sign with white letters on the wall.

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It never happened. I told him it was not legal to have Cuban cigars in the United States.

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I opened the box and he immediately turned into a rather acrid smoke and joined the cigars. I then quickly closed the box and found myself in the lobby of the hotel.

‘Hail Satan?’ Documentary Scores at Indie Box Office on Easter Weekend

As I quickly assessed where I was, two ladies walked by. They looked like something out of the s, crisp starched white blouses and navy blue skirts that extended below the knees. They both wore sensible walking shoes and their plain hair was worn in matching buns. Neither woman wore make-up. Satan in a box! He just finished a two year contract working as a safety adviser in Nigeria, West Africa. He attributes this nightmare to having completed reading the book Out of The Cocoon , by Brenda Lee, the story of a child and her mother caught up in the Jehovah Witnesses.

This site houses a variety of PDF documents. Not a sound passed between us. I fought the urge to cry out, saving my energy for fleeing instead of futile screaming. Turning down a perpendicular hallway, I was completely lost. Only the numbers on the doors distinguished this hallway from all of the others.

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I came to a bank of elevators. I looked at the numbers on the wall of the elevator. They all read A totally pissed off Rasta-Satan blocked the door of the elevator. As I contemplated my next move, the old demon jumped towards me, leaving me no other choice but to dive under him. As he crashed into the far wall of the now-empty car, I opened the door that led to the stairwell.

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Sure that the frustrated supernatural Rastafarian was one step behind me, I began running upstairs. My plan was to make it back into my penthouse suite and call hotel security to have my pursuer ejected from the hotel. The next landing had a square black sign with white letters on the wall.

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It never happened.