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Lois P. Frankel, President of Corporate Coaching International, is a bestselling author, executive coach and an internationally recognized expert in the field of leadership development for women. She provides pro bono consultation and workshops to nonprofit community agencies and earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern California. Brief synopsis: Lois Frankel reveals that the things we learned as a girl may be preventing us from becoming financially independent and following our own dreams.

She tackles the outdated concepts that keep women from having the wealth they deserve and offers valuable tips to help us take control of our money and our lives. This book will provide you with the financial savvy you need to change negative behaviors, make intelligent money choices and embrace the life you want. About the author: Melinda Gates is a philanthropist, businesswoman and global advocate for women.

Brief synopsis: In this moving and compelling book, Melinda Gates shares lessons she's learned from the amazing people she's met during her work and travels around the globe. I want all of us to see ways we can lift women up where we live. She proves that when we lift others up, they lift us up too. Brief synopsis: Elizabeth Gilbert digs deep into her soul in this profound book to discuss her unique perspective on creativity. She offers valuable insights into the nature of inspiration and asks us to embrace our curiosity.

Creativity is inside all of us in one form or another, and Gilbert offers the motivation to overcome our fears and discover it. She provides excellent advice in this light-hearted yet thoughtful book.

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About the author: Sophia A. Nelson is an award-winning author and journalist.


She is also a corporate leadership trainer and motivational speaker. Nelson can be seen frequently on CNN, and other networks offering political and social commentary.

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Brief synopsis: In this powerful book, Sophia Nelson calls women to follow a meaningful life code that will lead them to fulfilling and successful lives. The code she describes is a way of living, navigating life's challenges, and positively interacting with other women. It reveals a timeless set of principles that will help women balance the increasing demands of work, family and friendship. She was inspired by a viral Facebook post shared by a woman named Lisa Lee Curtis last year. I found that absolutely hilarious, but also effective at conveying the whole point that she had no interest in entertaining his advances," said Haley.

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On Tuesday, when she received a friend request and message from a man who began coming on to her, she decided to try this out. Haley said when she received a friend request from a man named James, whom she shared four mutual Facebook friends with, she messaged him first to make sure she did not forget meeting him at some point.

Things then only escalated — and the information and responses elicited by Haley's escalating amounts of money requests grew increasingly more interesting. James reminded her that she was conversing with "a Real gangster and pimp," and that he would not spend his hard-earned money on "shit that's pointless.

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He asked her to respond to him with something more substantive than a money request. James then told her that his parents and extended family members were "attorneys for the county He added that while he thought Haley was "sexy as fuck," he does not traditionally pay for conversation or sexual intercourse.

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So as a compromise, he offered that he pick her up, or she go to him, so they "can talk money. It can take weeks or even up to months for multiple ladies to make one carpet. I was absolutely blown away by their skill and precise….

Read the Post. A warm welcome to the Inspired Women Podcast Channel — Herewith a quick overview of who we are, and what this podcast will be offering going forward. I felt it necessary to share the RAW, no sugar coating here experience.