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WARM : Workshop on the mathematical modelling of pathogen dissemination in healthcare systems.

Histoire des littératures étrangères

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Du lacunaire au complet. In the beginning of the twentieth century, works depicting the Viking Age become more numerous. A thematic study of these novels reveal that many writers are fascinated by typical figures seen to embody this period: the figure of the ancestor and its different forms the civilizing hero, the pioneer, the patriarch and the one of the adventurer, the most illustrative personification of which is the Viking navigator.

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Yearning for historical realism and for emancipation from a tradition of unlimited glorification, their characters will undergo a significant de-idealization during the twentieth century. Other novelists take an interest in the Viking Age because it is a period rife with religious and political changes in the History of Scandinavian nations. These authors attempt to depict the process of Christianization and the ensuing religious conflict between pagans and converts.

To a lesser extent, they also deal with the social and political transformations.

These authors hence reveal their vision of the past and do not shy away from reinterpreting history. The Stutz lab has long-standing experience in mRNA biogenesis and export through nuclear pores, the This is a permanent post for a child and adolescent psychiatrist with academic experience. The post will be In the context of a multidisciplinary study combining mathematical modelling, physics-based numerical simulations, and biology, we offer one position for an outstanding, highly motivated, and creative computer scientist with Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 4 experience to BAP Project This PhD is part of a project aiming to develop advanced computational modelling techniques for the analysis of lubricated drivetrain components on the component- and system-level.

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