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In the interest of full disclosure, the filling in this recipe is mine-all-mine! Same goes for the baking methodology. AB knows his food science. I am but a studious grasshopper with a library card. Grab the graham crackers and a cold stick of unsalted butter. The crust requires exactly 15 whole graham crackers. Because Alton said so. Break the crackers to fit into the work bowl of a food processor. Pulse until the crackers rendered to crumbs, with a few larger pieces. Cut the cold butter into one-quarter inch cubes and sprinkle over the crumbs. Continue to pulse until the butter disappears into the crumbs, making the mixture very moist.

The cold butter combines with the finer graham cracker crumbs, helping to crumbs hold together when compressed into the pan. When the butter melts while the crust it baking, it gives off moisture, which will yield a firm—but not tough—platform to hold the cheesecake. Also, melted butter is just plain messy. When used in a cracker crust in a springform pan, it leaves a greasy residue all over everything—including the bottom of the oven. Blind bake the graham cracker crust in the oven for 10 minutes. As the cheesecake filling is largely comprised of eggs, sugar, and milk products, it can be classified as a custard.

Custardization occurs when sweetened milk products are combined with eggs or cornflour and then slowly thickened with heat. Adding a little cornstarch mixed with flour when beating the sugar and cream cheese into a frenzy of creaminess will help the over all texture of the finished cheesecake.

The reason this helps is twofold:. So go ahead and cream the sugar, cream cheese, flour and cornstarch together on medium speed, until it is very light and fluffy; scrape down the bowl as needed. Turn off the mixer. Whisk together the eggs, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and sour cream together in a bowl until blended. Remove the cooled crust from the refrigerator. Line a roasting pan with a clean towel to keep the cheesecake from sloshing around the pan, and center the springform pan on top of the towel.

Pour the filling over the crust. Level the filling with a rubber spatula before setting the roasting pan on the oven rack. Pour boiling water into the roasting pan until it reaches at least one inch up the wall of the springform pan. Close the oven door and bake for one hour and ten minutes without peeking even once! After 70 minutes, turn off the oven and open the oven door and take a peek. After this first wave of baking, the edges of the cheesecake will look set, but the center will still have an almost runny appearance.

And for all that is good and right with the world, do not take the cheesecake out of the oven! Just take a quick peek and then close the oven door. Set the timer for 60 minutes, leaving the cheesecake in the now-turned-off oven to finish baking. No peeking this time, either!

Do not open the oven door even once during this time. Finish baking in an oven that has been turned off? How does that work?! I promise. Upon completion of the second wave of baking, remove the cheesecake from the oven, carefully remove the aluminum foil, and set it on a wire rack to cook for one hour. The filling will continue to set as it cools.

If the filling looks totally set in the oven, the eggs are already over-coagulated. Cracks in cheesecake are tragically avoidable by not over baking the cheesecake. The cheesecake will pull away from the sides of the pan as it cools; verifying that the cheesecake is able to move freely as it cools now will prevent cracks around the edges later. Put the cheesecake, uncovered, into the refrigerator to cool overnight. Not several hours— overnight! The cheesecake needs plenty of time to firm up and be lovely. I can relate to that. Once the cheesecake has chilled out overnight, you may serve it in good conscience.

The cheesecake will be deliciously creamy, with a smooth, even texture, and nary an unsightly crack in sight. To serve this velvety wonder, start by unlocking the outer band of the springform pan to remove it. Rather than trying to transfer the cheesecake from the base of the pan—which is a risky proposition at best—I usually just set the base onto a pretty serving plate.

To ruin such a beautiful cheesecake by hacking through it with poor slicing technique would be travesty. Achieving nice, clean slicing lines, is easy. Simply run a sharp knife under very hot tap water for a few minutes, and then wipe it dry. Slice through the cake with the warmed knife, rewarming it under the water if the filling begins to stick or tear.

Normally I am a Cheesecake Purist, preferring my custard pies unadorned. However a little salted caramel sauce drizzled on the plate is never a bad idea. Kirsten Kubert Yields One inch Cheesecake.

Lemon Cheesecake

Using a pan of a different size will affect the results and require many adjustments to both the ingredients and baking times. In lieu of a food processor, the graham crackers can be placed in a sealed zip-top bag, and crushed into crumbs with a rolling pin. A hand mixer can be used for the filling--just be patient because it will take more time to achieve the required consistency. Variations: I prefer cheesecake to be simple, with perhaps a little fresh fruit on top, or a slight drizzle of caramel, chocolate, raspberry sauce on the plate.

That said, a few variations have made it out of my kitchen from time to time. Citrus Cheesecake - Fold in 2 tsp. Drizzle with hot fudge before serving. Maple-Ginger Cheesecake — Substitute gingersnaps for the graham crackers in the crust. Decrease the vanilla in the filling to 2 tsp. Drizzle with salted caramel sauce before serving. Sprinkle candied pecans over top if you prefer. Apple Cider Cheesecake — Substitute equal parts apple cider for the vanilla in the filling.

Salted caramel sauce is a nice accompaniment. Shortbread cookies or Biscoff cookies are a viable alternative to graham crackers in the crust. Decreasing the vanilla to 1 tsp. My Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake. My cupcake-style Cheesecake Cups. Lemon Cheesecake Bars by Mom on Timeout. This post may contain affiliate links for items that I genuinely use on a regular basis.

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More Posts from this Category. Join the Fun! Save Recipe. Comfortably Domestic - Share this: Share Email Tumblr. Comments HI! I want to us the recipe for a mini cheesecake pan. How would the cooking time change? Thank you so so so much for sharing this! Oh my goodness, Laurana!

Easy Cheesecake

You made my day. How could I make this a pumpkin cheesecake? Or all of the above and leave something out like the sour cream. Please I need your guidance. I would try it substituting equal parts pumpkin puree for half of the sour cream. Omg this is truly the best cheesecake I have ever made company could not stop eating it or saying how good it was also looked perfect the trick it follow recipe to a tee. And just let it sit in oven when it's done cooking Thank you so much. Hello, Kirsten! Thank you so much for this recipe- I made it 3 times and never fail, this is the best recipe online!

You've made my day, Olga. Thanks so much for coming back to tell me about your successes.

No Bake Cheesecake

I'm making a pumpkin cheese cake and I forgot the cornstarch is it going to be ok. Thanks for your great recipe; your baking tips especially have helped me make many a lovely cheesecake. I am thinking that maybe the temperature of my cream cheese or eggs needs to be closer to room temperature and that might be my problem but I'm wondering any advice that you have! You guessed correctly, Veronica! Having all of the ingredients at room temperature will allow them to combine more smoothly and get rid of that "cottage cheese" effect that can happen with cold ingredients.

Does the ingredients need to be at room temperature bfore starting? This is one helpful post! I have often had troubles when baking a cheesecake - I just pinned and will be using next time! Thanks for linking to my Oreo Cheesecake! Hey Kirsten, I have a rather strange family with bite sized appetites. So if I want to bake a smaller portion in a 7" springfoam pan, at what temperature should I bake and for how long? I've experimented a couple of times but really haven't come up with the perfect output. Secondly would 12ounces of cream cheese suffice?

The rest of the ingredients can be adjusted likewise. Boy, Neha. I spent months developing this recipe for the 10" springform pan. I would bake a 7" at the same temperature, but I really can't give you the timing differences because I haven't worked the recipe out myself for a 7" pan. I will say that I wouldn't use any less that 18oz. I am working on both an 8" and a 6" variation for the future!

I don't see why not, Amanda. You'd have to play with the ratios a bit. I have made this cheesecake numerous times and following your guide has been a success every single time. So thank you!


My cheesecakes are such a success that they are eaten within 10 minutes at family gatherings. I have a 12" pan I would like to start using instead of a 10". Can you help me figure out the ingredients increase and baking times? Hey, George! I'm thrilled to hear of your success with this recipe and method!

I haven't made this cheesecake in a 12" pan, but I can do the math for what I think will work. I'd start with baking for an additional 10 minutes so 80 minutes at degrees F. Check it and increase the baking time in smaller increments from there until it looks as you're accustomed to seeing it before turning off the oven and letting it complete the baking. If I had to guess, I think the initial baking will take between minutes total. I'd love for you to come back and tell me how this little experiment turned out!

Mmm, this is one crazy good looking cheesecake, Kirsten! Really nice recipes you have there! Thanks alot for the sharing. I made this cheesecake last night and served it for dessert tonight and it was a HIT! Is there anyway you could provide me with a recipe for this but half the size? Hi , I baked this cheese cake several times but sometime i don t know why the wall of my cheese cake get really dark or ever burn,can u help me????

Hi, Mary! Are you by chance using a dark colored, non-stick springform pan? Dark pans are usually the culprit for dark edges because the edges brown more quickly in a dark pan than in a light colored silver pan. If not, I'd make sure that you are adding the required amount of water in the water bath, as directed by the recipe. Good luck! I've struggled with my family's cheesecake recipe for several years now, and decided I wasn't going to butcher my favorite part of thanksgiving. I haven't tasted it yet well, since the batter state last night , but my hunch is that I nailed it this year You've made a reader out of me.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lemon Cheesecake - Best Cheesecake Recipe - Taste and Tell

Although this recipe is rather time consuming, and may seem a bit "fussy,"it is right on! The texture is so creamy. It is not overly sweet. It actually came out just like the picture! The only problem I incurred is my crust got a little soggy. I would recommend really wrapping the foil very tightly around the outside of pan and watch how much water you put in the roaster pan.

Also, make sure you have a roaster pan big enough for the cheesecake pan to fit in. We had a party and this ten inch cheese cake easily served twenty people,small but nice slices. A little piece goes a long way. Best cheesecake ever!! Thank you,. I'm so happy to have found your site. I've been searching for a good cheesecake recipe as I've been asked to make a tiered wedding cheesecake for a family friend.

I've made wedding cakes before, but never cheesecake. Do you have any experience with multiple sizes? If so, I'd love to hear your comments. I have made this cheesecake in multiple sizes, but I eye-balled the baking times as a went along. My Baking Pan Conversion Chart might help you determine how to scale the recipe for various sized pans.

I previously asked about making this cheesecake a red velvet cheesecake. Well, I did it!!!! I used a whole package of oreos and removed the filling and made it just like you said for the graham cracker one. I added a 1 oz. I just removed it from the oven to rest and it looks amazing!!!! Tom I will make a cream cheese icing to top it with. I will let you know how it turns out, but so far it looks delicious!!!

WOW, Amanda! You are a total Cheesecake Rock Star! Your red velvet version sounds beyond amazing. I'd love to hear how it tasted. Everyone said it was the best red velvet cheesecake they had ever had. Called it heavenly! Could I make this cheesecake red velvet by adding the 10 oz of sweetened baking choc and red food coloring with the cookie crust? Need to know asap please!!! Hi I have 3 questions- 1. What can I use as a substitute for condensed milk?

If I do, then does that change the process or the quantities of the other ingredients. I have a 9 inch pan, for using that what would I need to change in the above process? Which I did and got rave reviews again! Great recipe! Thank you so much! First, I have that cookbook! By the way, that photo is excellent!

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No need to apologize… it lured me into reading all about it. Yummy yummy cheesecake! I've adapted your recipe some what and added it to my site. I put a link to your recipe and website as well. This is the best cheesecake filling I have ever had. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! I made this tonight for my MIL and family. OMG … This is so good, easy to make, takes time though, and so worth it! Thanks for publising. I picked up Lemon Curd at Trader Joes this week..

As the family cheesecake specialist, I am always looking for something different for the holiday pot luck dinners.. The last few years it was pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap cookies for the crust but I am so tired of the same thing. Wonder what it is about the animal crackers that seems to make everyone so nuts about the crust??? The curd is done! LilacMom , It definitely was worth the work!!

Enjoyed by all and many! I made this for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I changed the crust by using lemon sandwich cookies and one tablespoon of butter, just to add to the overall lemon flavor. Fabulous lemon flavor…possibly the finest cheesecake I have ever eaten. Could you give a good recommendation for a springform pan? I would truly appreciate it. I actually just have a cheaper one.

I do always use foil to cover the outside, though. I love how the crust is made out of animal crackers! That is the best thing ever! And this looks to die for! Absolutely lovely photos! I went ahead and made this cheesecake last night- and am enjoying an amazing Creamy- Lemony breakfast now! Thanks for sharing. Is Perfect! Not only is this gorgeous, every time I look at it, I can just taste those fabulous flavor combinations!

I must have been the only one to misread the recipe for the filling. I realized before it was too late that this must have been a typo. Regardless, the cheesecake is phenomenal! Oh my goodness!! I am having some technical blog issues, but will fix the recipe as soon as I am able to!! I just made this for Easter lunch. Absolutely delicious! The lemon curd adds just the right amount of tartness to the creamy cheesecake. The cream cheese we get here Austria is not as firm as the cream cheese in the States. It changed the texture but not flavor of the cheesecake.

Do you have any other suggestions for thickening up the batter? I could probably drain the cream cheese in a fine sieve overnight to remove excess moisture. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I wish I had an answer for you! But the idea of draining the cream cheese sounds like a good place to start! I love cheesecake and my favorite pie is lemon meringue- the creamy one with condensed milk.

At which point does this recipe advise to put the rest of the sugar in? I am SO sorry!! I made it as instructed but my lemon curd tastes like metal…. What kind of bowl did you use to make the curd? I have heard that if you use an aluminum bowl or sometimes even spoons that it will react with the acid in the lemon and make it so that there is a metal taste. That is the only thing that I can think of! I hope that the cheesecake turned out for you! It came out great using just a regular cake pan. The only thing I would change the next time I make this and I will soon!

I did like the animal crackers, but I think Graham crackers might taste better. Thank you so mich for sharing this recipe! Since cherries are in season, I want to make a cherry pie or cherry cheesecake. Know a good recipe? Absolutely wonderful! Loved the addition of the lemon curd on top. So, so divine.

I do have one question. My crust got pretty soggy along the outside. I wrapped the springform pan in foil as instructed and even added a couple of extra layers but I still think water got in.

Any other tips? Looks great. A question, though. I just made a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving and the recipe I used just told me to put a pan of water about a half inch full of water at the bottom of the oven. I used a 9X11 pan for this purpose.

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  6. I think I will use that technique with your recipe. I will let you know how it turn out. That technique worked great with my othe cheesecake. No cracks. I have actually been hearing about that technique a lot lately. This was fabulous. I made a gluten free crust using crushed almond flour lemon shortbread cookies a failed homemade recipe put to good use plus 1 cup ground oats and the melted butter and sugar called for in this recipe.

    I did not do a water bath, but I did put a pan of water in the oven. I have made this cheesecake twice, once in Canada and now in Jamaica. I did not use a water bath for either cake…too lazy. Your cheesecake recipe looks divine, but I just wanted to ask a question-would it make a huge difference if one omitted the lemon curd on top? I definitely think the final cheesecake would taste different without the curd.

    There is some lemon in the cheesecake, but most of the lemon flavor comes from the curd. I still think it would be good, but just missing the big lemon element. I have May many cheesecakes in my time and this has to be the best. My guests said that it was as good as any they had eaten so thank you. I am so excited to eat it after dinner tonight!

    I had to threaten my boyfriend not to touch it!! I used a regular pie pan with wax paper so I hope it comes out ok. Made this today. I would say perfect except for one thing…. It took longer to bake …I will add one or two tablespoons of flour. I made this cheesecake the other day. It is incredibly good and well worth the time and effort. It was also a great way to use a few of the tons of lemons on my lemon tree!

    When I make it again, I will take the foil off before I place the cheesecake on a rack to cool. This is a wonderful recipe that I will most definitely make again. Not overly sweet, very creamy and rich. Thanks for your feedback! I have added it to the instructions. I also picked up the Meyer Lemon Thin cookies at Trader Joes for the cookie crust and also their lemon curd for the topping. I used Meyer lemons in the cheesecake batter as well, and it is simply delicious.

    Thank you. I made this cheesecake last Easter and have to say it was the best, smoothest textured, creamy cheesecake I have ever made. I love using animal crackers for the crust. I think it will be one of our Easter dinner traditions. Hi, If this lemon cheesecake tastes as amazing as it looks, my waistline will be in big trouble!!

    I plan to freeze this cheesecake once I make it for a gathering at the end of the month. Should I freeze it without the lemon curd and then add it the day of the event, or is it okay to freeze the curd with the cheesecake? I just ran across your site this past week and I made this cheesecake, well, sort of. I had some left over lemon glaze frosting, and needed to use it. I saw this cheesecake and knew this was what i needed to make.

    I made a graham cracker crust, followed your cream cheese filling recipe to the letter, and used my lemon glaze on top. My very first cheesecake!! I am so happy, and a few pounds heavier now. The cheesecake filling was best on the 3rd day. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe with us. It is a Keeper in my book!! This is an amazing recipe! I made this in a mini cupcake tin for a birthday party, and they turned out so cute!

    For the small cakes, I baked them at the same temp for 30 minutes and let them cool in the oven for 30 more. I set my tin in a jelly roll pan so I could still add water to the half way point. They came out perfect. This cheesecake became an instant family favorite. I prepared it for my wife, a lemon junky, several Thanksgivings ago while we were dating. I sprang it in her immediately before desserts were served.

    All have been amazing. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I LOVE this cheesecake — and love that it has become a family favorite for you, too! I made this for a party this weekend. I was a HUGE success!!! Prob the best cheesecake I have ever eaten! All the guests raved about it!!! The cheesecake was so creamy and the lemon zest really gives it that lovely lemon flavor. The lemon curd give it another level, taking it over the top.

    I made it as directed with a couple of changes. We love the graham cracker crust so I changed that. This recipe is a keeper for sure. I will make it again and again. Thank you sooooo much!!! Instead of the required 1 cup ingredient of sugar, I used Country Time Lemonade powder, and in addition to vanilla, I used a tablespoon lemon extract.

    Love this cake, I make shortbread cookie for the crust. So yummy. Cool for 40 min or until done. Made this for Easter, a little labor intensive and time consuming…. Simply AaahMazing! Thank you! I love this recipe! Do you think I could use the recipe as a base and instead of adding zest and lemon juice, I mix in a cinnamon swirl cinnamon, butter and sugar?

    The water bath makes the cheesecake so light and airy. I love, love, love this recipe. I used graham cracker crumbs for the crust instead of the animal crackers and it took about 10 more minutes to bake.