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On FarmersOnly. At a yoga class? Running from the law? Is she a medieval princess, and he her servant?

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Do their lives collide in a chance encounter? Or was it purposely set up? It can be as traditional or unorthodox as you like. Characters — The more unique and relatable your characters are, the more your story will stand out from the rest and get readers hooked.

How to Write a Bestseller the Secret Formula

Is your story from the perspective of a man who has fallen in love with the female main character, like A Walk to Remember? Is it written from the perspective of the heroine, like The Fault in Our Stars?

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Both books are examples of first person POV. Or maybe you prefer third person POV, in which none of the characters narrate. The better you know your character, the more memorable they will be to the reader. Is your leading lady shy and quiet, or is she strong-willed and outspoken?

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Is the main man charming and romantic, or is he endearingly dorky and awkward? All pure romances note: the love story is the main plot, not the sub-genre are the same in that attraction develops between characters or sometimes it develops in only one character and is not reciprocated — either way, attraction develops at some point!

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But how that attraction begins and develops into love — whatever kind of love it may be — is what will make your readers fall in love with your story. This is what drives the story and engrosses the reader and will literally make or break your book. Pin it! Like this: Like Loading By downloading classic books from the Project Gutenberg archive they were able to analyse texts with their algorithm and compare its predictions to historical information on the success of the work.

Everything from science fiction to classic literature and poetry was included. It was found that the predictions matched the actual popularity of the book 84 per cent of the time. Twitter founder's Jelly app launches on iOS and Android.

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