PDF Leaving Neverland (Why Little Boys Shouldnt Run Big Corporations)

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I was terrified of responsibility, of being tied down, of getting it wrong, of being a Dad. Fortunately my wife to be, Beth, was very patient very patient. I was grumpy and bad tempered for a while; not very communicative either. There was little support and no Expectant Dad programs around to help me.

Eventually, finally and to an extent miraculously, I got my head around the fact that I was going to become a Dad. Some internal switch got flicked and I have loved, really loved my journey of fatherhood. Getting forked was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have strongly recommended it to a few very special people. When Samuel was born, because of a birth complication, I was the first person to hold him.

I was quickly replaced by something much more useful, a nipple, but I had had my moment, a magic new Dad moment with my baby.

Leaving Neverland (Why Little Boys Shouldn't Run Big Corporations)

It was just amazing for me to hold this beautiful, tiny human being in my arms. As well as a healthy baby boy, a new love was also birthed that day. A tender, protective, totally unconditional, connected and indescribable I tried kind of love that I had never experienced before. I had become a parent and I could have missed that moment. If my son, Samuel, had waited until I was ready to grow up and become a Dad, he could still be waiting. Our baby became a child and the child just kept getting bigger and bigger, as they do when they are healthy.

To this end, I had been watching for some time the development of a program called Pathways to Manhood that was being run locally. I knew it was a bush camp for boys and their dads or a mentor and that they needed leaders to help run more camps. I also knew that it had something to do with boys growing up and setting their feet on the long road to healthy manhood. I knew very little about Rites of Passage back then, but the words Rites of Passage sounded kind of important to me.

As Samuel got older my internal imperative to do something got annoyingly stronger. Eventually, thanks Elyjah I got involved as a trainee leader with the Pathways Foundation. I was busy, it cost money, , and but I followed through with the Leadership Training because I am committed to being the best Dad I can be for Sam, even if that means stretching my personal comfort zones.

Leaving Neverland (Why Little Boys Shouldn't Run Big Corporations) by Daniel Prokop - Read Online

In the small print of my being the best Dad I can be, I reserve the right to moan and complain about sprained comfort zones, just so you know. My first camp as a trainee leader was amazing. Seven days in nature, no electricity, no phones, open fires, no women, great food, lots of flatulence, no running water. A rough bush camp, 30 men drawn together with the sole intention of supporting 14 boys to make the transition from boy to young man in a safe, non competitive environment.

For some men, the camp was the first time that they had ever been in a space where they were not judged by the type of job they had, how much they made, where they lived, the car they drove, or the clothes they wore. In this safe space I watched men relax; really relax as they set aside the unconsciously adopted defensive male warrior pose. We all witnessed courageous men sharing stories of their lives from their hearts without hubris. We sat around fires, shared food, laughter, games and challenges and over the week the boys left the camp and they rejoined us as young men.

The young men were acknowledged and honored by older men for completing their Rite of Passage, for stepping over the metaphorical line in the sand dividing boyhood from manhood.

Leaving Neverland (Why Little Boys Shouldn't Run Big Corporations)

As a group of men, we returned to our families and the wider community, to the anxious mums and uncles and grandparents and siblings. The community acknowledged the young men and celebrated their safe return to the hearth. Over the week away, a number of the men had said that they wished that they had had something like a Pathways to Manhood, a Rite of Passage when they were growing up. I agree whole heartedly. It was a gift to see the difference in the fathers, the young men and how they were with their families, with the women who had kept the home fires burning so that we could be away.

At different times over the week, the beauty and power of the work had brought me to tears, especially when I imagined myself with my son Samuel, guiding him through his Rite of Passage. Little did I know that Rites of Passage would so get under my skin that it would become an itch that I can never seem to scratch. Whilst it is self evident that little boys should not be allowed to run big corporations it is alarmingly common. Peter Pan has never quite forgiven me for forking off and leaving Neverland, for starting to grow up.

I still see Peter on the odd occasion, like when I jump back over the line in the sand and behave like a little boy instead of a man. After my tantrum I can clean up the mess and get on with what needs getting on with. It is almost impossible to not be concerned about alarming increases in rates of depression across all age groups, environmental degradation, the inequities of the global financial system, , etc.

We face many challenges. Neverland is promoted as if it is Nirvana which it is not. Neverland: No responsibility. No worries. No wrinkles. Now fortified with Viagra! Neverland: The overall environmental impact of this will be very, very modest. We mostly hear about all the bad stuff that is happening and a lot of the depressing stuff can be traced back to different boys but similar behavior.

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Amidst all the chaos that comes in a time of rapid change there are also millions of amazing, inspiring things happening every day. There are a lot of healthy adults out there too. There are courageous, dedicated, compassionate people in all countries devoting themselves to making a difference and there are parents raising a generation of young people who will not be pawns of unsustainable industries. What do you think? Is that my segue in? Is that it? After so many pages? Peter Pan here.

Thank you, whatever your name is, yes, I am a victor, a big victor because Neverland Rules and I could wait to be introduced as agreed … BUT… know what? Why wait? A PDF of this inspiring speech is available from www. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Dec 06, John rated it really liked it. I liked 'Leaving Neverland'. The subject of Rites of Passage is dear to my heart and in this book Daniel Prokop points out that meaningful rites of passage from childhood are a necessary and b a nearly forgotten art. They are especially necessary for boys whose sense of adventure and yearning to be seen as men drives them to find their own challenges and rites of passage - I can cite Schoolies Week as an example of this.

Driving cars, without parental or other adult control, and drinking alc I liked 'Leaving Neverland'. Driving cars, without parental or other adult control, and drinking alcohol are examples of adult privilege that become suddenly available at age Insurance companies have long taken note of this and their car insurance premiums for 18 to 25 year-olds reflect what this means to to wider community. It is worth noting here that while girls are increasingly represented in the above, false, 'rites of passage', Daniel Prokop's book deals largely with the behaviour of boys and men.

Modern western culture does not really provide any meaningful rite of passage for boys that marks the transition to manhood and so it is that, as the author contends vehemently, boys who have the appearance of men, because of their age, are in charge of many of the corporations and institutions of our society. These so-called men have simply never found out what it means to be a good men and therefore they continue to act as boys would while they go about their business. As a literary device, the author juxtaposes his own voice and that of a modern-day Peter Pan.

Peter describes his invention of Neverland V. The author uses BP's role in the recent Gulf of Mexico fiasco as a case in point and he blames the global financial crisis on men who are still boys at heart. I found Peter Pan's voice to be a bit distracting and overpowering. I would have preferred to hear more of Daniel's more measured reasoning and so I have awarded four rather than five stars to a timely and often funny read.

An important book, funny, sharp and very informative. We live in a time when Peter Pan is hailed as a hero and growing up and taking responsibility is seen as bad, boring, even stupid. Why would any culture worship perpetual childhood? If there are no adults then who will take responsibility for the environment, for ensuring a fair and equitable financial system, for keeping people safe, for helping those not able to help themselves, for keeping communities strong? Sep 30, Velvetink marked it as to-read Shelves: wishlist , society-culture , politics , psychology , economics , environmental , australia-new-zealand.

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