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Monroe has had six months of dealing with the fact that she called on a demon. She did not do this without a purpose, but still he is a demon! She did this to save her family, she would do it again. This being said she still has to deal with the dark images, her soul and possibly her mind being in danger.

You know that bad boy "You are light in darkness, water on fire. You know that bad boy you have to love. The one that does not apologize for who he is! Well peeps that is Luther Craig. Luther is bad boy personified. He screams "run" however you don't know if you are running away or for him. Well I would run for him! These two have heat. He wants Monroe, but the problem is he is not the only one. My heart sunk. Luther watched me, his eyes darkening, his pupils dilating until they were almost black.

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In exchange for your help, I will release the Ayer's souls, but the price for releasing your family comes dear. I only want one Ayers' soul. Yes - you read that right.. Can they stop this, can they save Monroe's family. Stop this before her soul is gone? Is one evil better than the other? I personally would be ok with the evil of one swoon worthy demon named Luther.

Don't judge me read it and you will be under his spell too. This voice was chocolate, sin and champagne. I love Monroe. She is spunky and full of spirit. I fell in love with her awhile back and I have enjoyed her growth. Luther is decadently sinful in the best possible way. I cannot stress enough.. Read this series. Get lost in the pages of this wonderful world. You won't be disappointed. Book 3 please and thank you.. I just love dancing with the devil. Wink wink! Hey RK Ryals are you in that writing cave yet? Snap snap!

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Nov 09, Pyxi rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazing-indie-read , arc , insane-sexy-book-bf , must-have , nomnomnom , favorite-author , books-i-devour , gimme-gimme-gimme , all-time-favorite-ya-series-ever. My review for: Possessed by R. Possessed is an amazing next chapter to the Thorne Trilogy!

Monroe and Luther are pure fire together. Not that I had any doubts of that. Just wow. It had been six months since she called upon the Demon Luther and let him into her head all for the sake of freeing her family fro My review for: Possessed by R. It had been six months since she called upon the Demon Luther and let him into her head all for the sake of freeing her family from the Demon Queen, Lilith. And relief comes in the swoon worthy.

Bad boy, Luther Craig. He wants her. He wants to possess her. He wants her very soul. But what he wants more than anything is power. He craves it and he craves Monroe. Monroe can only hope for the lesser of two evils. I know you are asking yourself, well he is a demon, how swoon worthy can a Prince of hell be? How to describe the delicious Luther Craig? He is sin and bad and addictive. He is the ultimate bad boy. Monroe has grown so much from Cursed.

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She is fierce and protective and totally badass. Dec 03, Lynn Worton rated it it was amazing. I loved it! Monroe Jacobs is a fantastic character! She is the best friend of Dayton Blainey. She also happens to be a witch, a very talented one, who is now tied to Luther "Thorne" Craig, a hybrid demon. Luther Craig is a complex character. He is very arrogant, power hungry and decidedly sexy! He is also attracted to Monroe and her soul more than he would like. I was unsure about this character when I met him in the Redemption series, but getting to know this contrary demon has been great fun!

They are gorgeous! This is a book that I have been wanting to read for some time. I finally got to read it and was quickly thrown back into a battle of wills between Lilith, Luther's mother, and Luther himself. Lilith is desperate to get control back over the Ayres family; whilst Luther wants to gain control of his mother's kingdom in Hell. The story continues from the end of Cursed and see's Monroe fighting more than demon possession; her attraction to Luther is growing.

The story is full of action and danger, and kept me turning the pages! I struggled to put this book down, and read it in one sitting! Thank goodness for weekends!

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When the book ended, I was quite sad, because I wanted to keep reading! I am looking forward to reading the concluding book in the trilogy to find out what happens next! She is one of my favourite authors, and I will read anything written by her. Nov 10, Nanette Bradford rated it it was amazing. I loved Luther since finding him in the Redemption series then Cursed And Possessed made me fall for the demon even more. I was given this book for my honest review and that's what you are gonna get. I love Luther. I love how he doesn't pretend to be all soft and gooey.

What you see is what you get. He's bad. Truly bad but at the same time he's faithful to the ones he cares about. Namely Monroe. She is a feisty witch born of the Ayers coven. Monroe and Luther have a connection to each other Wow. Monroe and Luther have a connection to each other. They have since the moment Luther kissed Monroe two years before. It's stronger now though Monroe doesn't completely know why just yet.

To save her coven from an aged old curse brought upon them from one of her ancestors Monroe had to give herself to Luther completely. What she didn't know was that she left her family open to Lilith's wrath. And boy did she come at them with a vengeance. With Monroe's family torn aperture from the decision she made her and Luther set out to try and save them. What I loved most about this story is the relationship between Luther and Monroe. They have the same sense of humor and Monroe is attracted to Luther for who he is.

She expects him to be the bad boy he is. She knows he will never be good but his faith in hem is enough to have her falling head over heals for him. Luther also cares about Monroe but he doesn't show it in the most obvious ways. He shows it in the only way he knows and that's ok. Possessed did not disappoint me whatsoever and the end Well let's just say the next one better come real soon because I want more of Luther and Monroe please.. Feb 21, Tina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-authors , my-favorites.

I thought he was funny in The Redemption Series, but didn't think too much about him as far as being "book boyfriend" material. He is so different from most of the leading males. He doesn't sugar coat everything, he tells it like it is and doesn't apologize for taking what he wants. He is part demon and embraces his dark side with no regrets.

Although I have to say, I think Monroe has found a slight chink in his armor. Monroe is pure awesomeness! I love how spunky she is and that she doesn't let fear stop her from trying to save the ones she loves. She takes loyalty to whole new level when she binds herself to a demon and follows him to hell. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself, she fights even harder. Of course it doesn't hurt that Luther is the demon and he tempts her in his sexy ways. I think this quote sums up the chemistry they seem to have.

Make me understand you. Show me your Hell. The hillarious banter between Monroe and Luther just gets better. The stakes keep getting higher and I can't wait to see what happens between these two. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the trilogy.

The Thorne Trilogy ~ The magical Redemption spin-off series that follows Monroe Jacobs

Love this series and I highly recommend Possessed. Nov 05, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Possessed follows the story of Monroe from Cursed , fighting to save the Ayers line, including herself and cousin NeeCee, from all kinds of trouble aka the demon Lilith. The stakes are raised in this installment, and I loved every minute of it. Luther is the ultimate bad boy; he and Monroe are some of my favorite characters. I'm not one to throw quotes into reviews, but I can't help it.

Here's why: " Not that I mind that quality in a girl. And she wasn't a nun yet. I merely showed her the pleasures of being on the dark side. And I won't spoil the ending for you, but the last few pages had me re-reading the entire book for it's awesomeness. Love, love, love their story and I can't wait for book three, because I'm guessing all Hell's gonna break loose ; Mar 06, Becky Bladon rated it it was amazing.

Although the book still makes sense without reading the previous stories, I would recommend reading the others first. In this book Monroe and Luther must work together to defeat Lilith and win the war in hell. I loved Luther as a main character. He was just the right amount of evil to make him interesting, but also relatable and I found myself falling in love with his bad boy image. Monroe was also an interesting character. She has a lot of inner strength with a lot of personal demons pun intended which makes her the perfect heroine. This book was even better than the first in the trilogy.

The relationship between Luther and Monroe was intense and humorous. I love them as a couple. There is a lot more drama and intrigue in this book and the story had more depth and detail. The strength and determination of the characters is humbling. Most people would agree that they would do anything to save their family.

Overall I loved this story an am looking forward to the last in the trilogy. She is my favorite character. Monroe is feisty, strong and sarcastic. If she thinks it, she says it. I love that. You are drawn to him even on paper. Luther takes sexy half demon to a whole new level. With Monroe and Luther as a team, Hell had better look out. In Possessed, Monroe comes into her own by tapping into her past and her ancestry. Turns out she is as much of a bad ass as Luther. With the two of them teaming up to over throw Lilith the Kingdoms of Hell better watch their backs.

One of my favorite parts of this story is when Monroe goes into the visions of her ancestors to discover why the Ayers witches are cursed and to gain knowledge from them. In each of her past lives she has always been a strong and decisive woman. I love her. RK Ryals is an amazing author and I am enjoying watching her writing while already fantastic grow with each book. Jun 10, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal. Another fantastic read set in R. Ryal's fantastic paranormal world.

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This book picked up where Cursed left off and follows Monroe as she tries to save her family from bondage to Lilith. Monroe is recruited by Luther into a civil war in hell for his mother's kingdom and begins to discover things about her ancestors and her abilities she didn't know.

This story was great and really well-written. I liked getting to see more of both Monroe and Luther's characters and their own unique love story.

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I Another fantastic read set in R. I liked how this book revealed more of Luther and showed that he really isn't a good guy but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. He truly is a grey character in most things except where Monroe is concerned. I also liked how Monroe finally got to figure out why her powers were so unique and realized just how strong she is. I can;t wait to see what will happen in the next book now that Luther has his mother's kingdom and the other demons ruling hell are conspiring for war against him.

Nov 05, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Luther I missed him so much, "I only want one Ayers' soul. I like touching. You would too if you allowed yourself to enjoy it. When Luther I missed him so much, "I only want one Ayers' soul. Nov 24, Jessy rated it it was amazing. I've never highlighted a book so much!!! And that means that soon Armageddon will resume from scratch. However, the Satanists who are responsible for orchestrating Delia's birth reveal that she is actually the protector of the new Antichrist, her embryonic twin brother, who was inside her body before being transferred into Delia's adoptive mother Karen.

Once born, the newborn Alexander York survives his mother's death, after which he, Delia, and their father Gene attend Karen's funeral. The plot of the remake closely follows that of the original film. The Omen was also remade in Tamil in under the title Jenma Natchathiram. Ochoa writes that horror film audiences possess an ambivalence of horror and delight over the continued existence of the film's "monster". He says of Damien, "It is horrifying to realize that the boy survived the final battle with his adoptive father In the remake, however, Damien defeats his adoptive father, played by Liev Schreiber , who is "not associated with playing heroes".

Ochoa concludes, "The result was that [Schreiber's character's] defeat by the little boy was neither exceptional nor horrifying, just forgettable. James F. Iaccino analyzed Damien in The Omen with Jungian psychology , "To paraphrase Jung, his psyche is animalistic, primordial, and monstrous to behold. It further contains within its very core an awesome supernatural element, setting the bearer apart from all others. When Damien uses his powers, Iaccino says "they are typically accompanied by a fierceness and rage" that reflects the Jungian interpretation of "the primordial child's being depicted as an inhuman".

Damien has a relationship with wild dogs that indicates "his mystical link with the barbaric world of the primitive". Iaccino says that Damien's life in the original film is spared because Damien "can appear angelic and pure to those around him while concealing his depraved nature", which is why his adoptive father hesitates to kill him. In Omen II , Iaccino notes Damien's relationship with the raven, which "is one of the devil's common guises" in fairy tales. When satanists help educate Damien "in the ways of evil", the growing boy becomes fully conscious of his true nature.

Iaccino explains, "He is able to detach himself somewhat from the instinctual sphere of the beast as well as the innocence of the child in order to develop a stronger, more liberating identity. He lacks faith or trust in others and does not want to admit needing anyone to survive. When he questions the Christ replica, he is "the Jungian image of archaic man" who believes that any action "must produce a significant reaction in the world", which is why he forces the crown of thorns on the replica's head.

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